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Thread: Watching games...

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    Watching games...

    Is there any point in watching the games I am now level six and have noticed that I lose more games then I watch, then when I don't. So it asks the question, is there any point in watching, apart from a morale boost.

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    Today I join the game half time, leading 4:0 at 36'

    No point scored the second half. Although, with that lead I intentionally send-in a player (DR) with bad form to see if he improved, he gets 6 as result.

    Looks almost like the opponent's flawed defense became patched all of a sudden once I joined the game (or that player enter the pitch).

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    Yes, there is. You can change outcome of the match (if you know exactly what are you doing).
    Few days ago my team played match and I started watching it at 70'. Result was 2-1 for opponent (home team). He was present, used 43n12. My formation before match was 4411. Then I made 2 subs, changed formation to 3142 and won match 2-3, both goals scored in last 10 minutes.
    Important thing is to avoid players in bad form. No matter how high their quallity is, they are useless!

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    Ofc what you can not know is what would have happened had you not watched a match you viewed or watched one you didn't - bigger loss or bigger win, who knows.

    I can't say that it makes a difference just like no one can say it doesn't so for me the answer lies in the whole point of a game - entertainment.

    If you are not entertained by watching, don't enjoy thinking about what's happening/making changes, don't care about boosters or don't think there is any advantage....then don't watch.

    I've joined games after HT where I was drawing and then lost 3 goals in 6 minutes and got humped; and a few games ago I've joined just as we went 2 behind and then made changes and won 4-2. It all depends on whether its the simulation/luck thats going against you or the tactics. You can't change the luck but you can change your tactics.

    Btw, I think it makes a difference but sometimes the difference is not enough (and sometimes the difference is me making the wrong changes >.< )

    PS. Some matches you could pause and buy 14 high performing 9* players; shove them on in a perfect formation; invite everyone from the Etihad to watch.......and still not win.
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    Sometimes it can make a difference but in most cases it is a disadvantage. The only advantage of watching is the free motivation bonus.

    I don't know, but this season is strange. I'm fighting to promote, currently at the 7th position (reaching top 3 in all other years).

    Maybe it's because I watched many games in the beginning. I got two draws against a team who won all the other matches (in both matches, he watched the game and I didn't so I probably won't be watching any matches against better teams anymore). From another team I lost 4-0 in a game I watched and won 5-1 when I didn't watch (with almost the same formation). In the beginning I lost all the games I watched but when I stopped watching the games, I got good results (7 wins in a row and a draw against #1).
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