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Thread: Help : End Of Season Strategy

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    Help : End Of Season Strategy

    Guys, I am new to top eleven and in first season. I spent a lot on buying young players and i has full 22 player squad with average age 23 and quality 17+ with squad value more than 11m. Should i sell these players as the end of season is approaching because in a new season there market value will reduce ans so will their quality.
    [I] m in big dilemma as what to do. i bought young players so that they may last for 4-5 seasons and i dont have to spend more in future but now it seems its all worthless :-(
    Pls help me out as to sell players or not and shed some light as how much my squad value will reduce in next season.
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    It is better to sell players you don't want to keep at the start of the season, then everyone have a lot of money.
    And even better, if it is a good player change his name and nationality to someone famous in RL, like Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
    Then ppl will go crazy and start a bidding war

    But if you bought players that will last 4-5 seasons why do you want to sell them now? They are young and they train fast so the star they lose they will get back soon and the value will be even higher, it is older players 26+ that lose value.

    But in league 2 you can get players that are 5 QR higher then you could in league 1 so in lower leagues that is a lot so you want to upgrade some players. Sell 2-3 players every season and upgrade the weakest players you got. Most important is a good striker with Free-Kick specialty, a good goalie and try to find a MC that perform high 8+ then it is a keeper.

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    It's better in the beginning of the game to have a mixed team - young and veteran players, to have the time to see how it's working. Anyway, now that you have a lot of young players, make some tests in training to see who are the faster trainers (also the younger ones 18-19 yo) . They can last a little longer and with less boosters to use.
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    Young players, especially those so called fast trainers, improves very quickly through matches and training. So even if their value decrease in new season, their value will soon increase back to and even exceed previous value. So generally you mainly needs to consider to sell old or slow training players. In any case, I will not sell well-performing players unless there are reliable replacements.

    If you will participate Champion league next season, you will have better cash flow. So even if you lack cash on season beginning. You will have ability to replace your players gradually on season progress.

    The competitions in low level league are not keen. You have much time to learn. I believe that there will be no more than 4 teams competing for league champions unless you invite more friends keen on this game to participate.

    If you are not a token buyer or farmer, you will find the tokens are more a problem than cash on level up. At that time, you should be patience on using them.

    BTW, as I remember, it is hard to find buyers in level 1 because the quality of free agents are not too far away. Actually, you very likely need to release many of unused players, especially those with quality 15 or below. However, at the same time, there are many inexperience managers. Some of them may make wrong decision to buy them. So chance is still available. If I do not have urgent need for player spot for new players, you may attempt to sell them repeatedly.

    Good luck
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