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Thread: Intensity levels!!!!

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    Question Intensity levels!!!!

    HI !!!! I can not see the real intensity diference on my players,
    i tried first and second level and i think the result are the same...
    so...does any body here can explain me the diference between
    first, second and last level ?????

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    First you need to make sure that you actually have set a training intensity. The first one (one green bar) is rest, so will not affect your players. When you have set the intensity, flip to the excercises and hit Stretching, Cardio and Practise match after each other. Flip back to your squad view and you will see the Gain. If you are lucky you even have some players that got one or more skill points, if you are unlucky they just got injured.

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    High training intensity is useful only for fast growing, young and usually very expensive 5* players. You will need a lot of green and red packs for that because injury risk is higher.
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