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Thread: RATINGS mean nothing PROVED!!!!

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    RATINGS mean nothing PROVED!!!!

    MY second team won the match but GK rating baffaled me see for urself.

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    believe me, rating is nothing has been proved many many season ago
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    It is weird sometimes, but it isn't nothing as you claim. Some managers saw rating 6 on players who scored goal or assisted. I'm playing this game for 2 years and from personal xp learned how bad influence on result does bad-form player(s) (who constantly has rating up to 6).
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    GK will eventually gain bad form if he is unchallenged (no shots against him) all the time.
    Using GK with bad form is quite dangerous, I say a form 6 GK has less than 50% chance of saving a shot, a 5 would be less than 10%.

    A player form is the major deciding factor the chance it will complete any task. If there is no task the form means nothing. Your defenders stopped all shots and others were out of target, leaving your GK with nothing to do.

    Not all shots could be saved by a GK, some shots are unstoppable by the GK, instead only by defenders.

    His GK must have many more saves compared to yours.

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    I prefer to have a GK with 6/7 rates. If my GK had 8 or 9 means that the team has problem .
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    I would completely disagree with OP's statement. You just have to learn to interpret them and sift through the unavoidable characterisitics that come with the game and dont have much to do with football as such. Like the low ratings of unchallenged GK's. For defenders and midfieldesr I pretty much only look at ratings. A 4 star dc with 8.s wil always get my preference over a 5 star player who gets 6.s.

    Only exception to that are my attackers, there only goals scored matters for me.

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    Perhaps had it not been for your goalkeeper it would have been 12:0