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Thread: connexion problem with Facebook on IOS.

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    Unhappy connexion problem with Facebook on IOS.


    I haven't found a real message about this problem, so I create a new topic.
    I play to Top Eleven directly on Facebook (with my computer browser) with no problem.

    But I would like to play with my phone (Iphone 5c - IOS 8.1.2)
    But when I open Top Eleven App, if I choose "Login with Facebook" -> error message : "Ooops, we had problems with connection to Facebook. Please, try again".

    So I have checked many things :
    - In the settings Facebook allow Top Eleven
    - Try to delete Facebook and Top Eleven Apps.
    - Open Top Eleven with a link directly in Facebook App

    -> Results always this error.

    Can you help me ?
    Do you have another solution ?

    Because sometimes I would like to play with my phone, it's not easy to use my computer everywhere ^^

    Thanks a lot.

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    If no one help you here the best is you contact the Support.
    We want a Portuguese section in the forum!!

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    does not work even on Android
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