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Thread: Top Eleven 2015 in 26-1-2015

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    Top Eleven 2015 in 26-1-2015-fkp2.png

    Kanonada u Brazilu, 9 golova u mreži domaćina... Djogović je posle dosta vremena dobio šansu kao starter i dao 3 gola, Happy je dao 2, a Borsi, Bobrowski, Nesbitt i Faherty po jedan, uz dve asistencije Borsija...

    Top Eleven 2015 in 26-1-2015-5.jpg
    Top Eleven 2015 in 26-1-2015-6.png
    Top Eleven 2015 in 26-1-2015-7.jpg

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    Does anyone know if there is a limitation regarding the Android system version?

    My phone uses Android 2.2.2 (Froyo), and I can't upgrade T11 since mid December, due to that.

    Will T11 2015 be 2.2.2 compatible?
    If not, can I still use the older versions?

    Best regards.

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    Seing matches would be a nice new addition to the games even if it just like the radar on fifa with red and blue dots signifying players and a white one for the ball. Could have it on the formation page during a match inbetween each teams starting formation just another box in the middle like the fifa radar.Also id love something to be done about player auctions i loose so many tokens trying to buy players due to i dont put real money into the game im left woth my free ones which in all honsty isnt enough to compete for players, it takes on average about 8 tokens to win and thats just for one player, personaly i think that should be gotten rid off one mabey two tokens to enter the auction then it should be down to cash each round how much do you want to bid. To much off the game rides on having tokens and to me thats a massive downfall.
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    I've been trialling the new version for the last 4 weeks and I think there's going to be a lot of disappointment with it.

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