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Thread: Help me to choose my topeleven

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    Help me to choose my topeleven

    Batter rated player perform worst then lower rated player. Sometimes, It is very risk to put a higher rating player, because he's perform consistently low (always 5-6-5-6). on the other hand A low rated player perform average like (8-7-8). So what do you think? which player is batter?

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    You might want to see if the better rated player performs better in a different formation. Better rated players seem to be more acustomed to play in a certain formation and on a preferred position.

    I buy scout players mostly for the cup, champions league and difficult oponents in my league. I buy regular players and use own youth players to make a team for the majority of league matches, and I use lesser rated players in leagues, for example champions league , when im sure that I have qualified in the poule. Further I give them playtime to improve their skills and stats. Players that are on the bench mostly perform better when they substitute because they are usually better rested and somewhat higher motivated.

    Therefor, I use the rating on the statistics mostly to see how a player is performing. I don't compare it with other players as there are many things that can influence their rating. I use the rating as guideline to make subtile changes in my formation and or attitude of my player.

    I would suggest, changing formation and attitude when playing with higher rated player, lower rated player you keep playing in present formation when you decide to use him. Goal is to eventually have them both performing well.
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