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Thread: Where do all the players come from?

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    Where do all the players come from?

    I buy players on the transfer market. Players that are injury prone, or flops. The occasional gem is always a wonderful surprise.

    That makes me wonder, where do all of these crappy players come from? Players in the game are generated by the developers and put on the market to be sold from made up teams. Or they are bought from the scout list. Or they are generated as 18 year old from your own academy.

    Why is there som many crappy players? Are they really programmed that way, or does "mismanagement" make them worse with time?

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    one answer is that if I have good players, I 'm gonna keep them for 3-4 years but if they aren't good, I 'm gonna sell them. The same will does the next manager with those players.
    Another interesting thing is that some players are good for one team but crap for another - don't know why .
    Check one post - I sold a gem, but in the other team he got a 4 (?!)
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    Like nikolgoirgos, if a player is not performing I sell, no matter what star rating he is. I also check the stats of any player I bid for.