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Thread: Say no to auto add skill points!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaCe Ros View Post
    Personally I don't get the point where people find scout players useless for selling.........I also dont "duck" opponents in future cups. Having that said. If Nordeus has a problem with people "ducking" / bending the rules to their advantage, they should just sort an more fair distribution of teams........totally random. Now some players chose to "fool" the system.......(IMO , they just playing the game, just differently they I do, and most likely not to the approvement of Nordeus) Maybe its just a sign , that present system is flawed and should be delt with accordingly??I am one of those that buy scout players and sell them later on, making a few smart/dedicated managers very happy.
    I would safe up 100 or more points in 1 or 2 days, and distribute that to my likings. Yes, this also envolved, powertraining, meaning I would drain the hell out of my players and buy healthpacks to patch them up. To get my players higher leveled, or complete SA faster, depending the situation. Its an odd tactic ,for many I realise, and certainly no cheap one, but it helped me in more than 1 way.

    But for me, and as I see it many more, what we love most is the abiility to make our own decisions.

    In real lifes, we have to deal with government, bosses and husbands/wifes..........not to mention the little critters, once you have them. Well; basically, we love the fact that for a couple moments on a day,we actually felt in charge. On pursuit on fame and glory..........kicking butt, and taking names, all that.......

    I spent money on this game, because I loved playing the game, more than the money I spent on it. Having that said, its a thin line between love and hate, and god knows I wont stop loving my money
    agree player`s will bend rule but for easier cup draw, where as i save skill point`s say 50 for new position/ability, i want the the 50 saved so i can add too either position/ability BUT i might change mind depending on how i do in league and add to Quality of player ? surely as a manager we should have a choice as to how we should train player`s accordingly, plus as a non token player i leave 1 skill away to earn those valuable token`s and as high level player earn that extra income as prize money does not count for wages. today before match start`s i`m 12 million in debt and even with away game money i`m still nearly 10 million in debt even if i play 2 home friendlies i`m still in dept and that`s if i SO DAM LUCKY not to SO MANY INJURIES
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    AGREED.. Bring back the old top eleven this new one is ****

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    Please use this thread: or the vent thread! Thank you!
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