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Thread: Players Not Selling

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    For all managers who follow the forum posts, especially the Topeleven 2015 thread,being unable too sell players is one of the major concerns this is why we want the auto-add of skillpoints removed immediately. I know you also suffer too sell,hence this thread and unfortunately as you climb levels this worsens. Here is a 25yr old,not a cripple,good stats and 1 sp from 6* Scout,Nordeus are offering older unproven players for 50 Tokens, but as said this player is going round and round on my transfer market and nobody wants too buy even offered at 2/3 of his Market value,so remember this will effect your squad eventually, please support us and say NO too auto-adding of skillpoints

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    I am having the opposite problem! Not being able to buy players in negotiations. I have offered above market value for some players approaching next star level but keep getting rejected. This has happened about 4-5 times in the last few days as I am trying to fill a few gaps in my team.

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    Dont play the player in competitive matches, friendlies are ok. so his stats are all 0
    Change your team name to AC Happy
    train player untill he is close to next skill level.

    sell player easily
    Arsenal for 3rd... a cheeky tenner says so!

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    Well, the real fun begins when you reach top of your server and suddenly realize that there is no market above you to sell your scout players, if they are not performing well enough.

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