Those are 3 teams I have in t11 and I ‘m playing with all the three, with a different style.

3 teams, 3 different styles of playing-3-3-teams.jpg

My main team NIK FC, is a high quality team, a trophy hunter, because as a (small) T buyer and farmer, I buy young fast trainers, train them and give them stars and special abilities.

My second team, it’s still in level 1, tanking. I create it to give friendlies and to make some tests. It’s using only the sources of the game and from little farming because my first team get it all. This season I decided to move it a little forward so it’s gonna win the league with 26-0-0.

The third team is from my participation in OMA league. It’s using only the sources of the game and the restrictions of the league (as the period of we ‘re allowed to make transfers).
That’s why it has players 4*-5* and an avg of 30 y.o.

The common between those teams (except having me as a manager) is that my main team and the second are both playing in the finals of the CUP and my main team and my OMA team are playing in the semi finals of Champions League.

3 teams, 3 different styles of playing-3-dif-cup.jpg

3 teams, 3 different styles of playing-3-dif-ch-l.jpg

Well this game is beautiful and has an anarchist way you can play it.
Some times I wonder if the developers of the game are actually playing this game - not for testing, but as players like us or the mods of the forum.
Please respect it and listen/play/read a little more.