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Thread: How do you analize the rating or your players?

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    How do you analize the rating or your players?

    There are several very high quality players with very poor rates (5 and 6) got in each match.

    I have checked all the reasons i could imagine (role, other players near, tactics, morale, score of the match) but not success.

    How do you get the reason of a bad ratings?

    Thank you and regards.

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    there is no reason that nordeus has revealed. it looks completely random and/or based on the commentary. much of it is not even logical, and considering this is a game constructed on pure numbers, that is a major development flaw.

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    Rates of the players has a different meaning than I thought in the beginning of the game.
    Rates have two meanings for me.
    - One, is to rate the try of the players not the effort.
    - Two : it's just for my personal use, to see if some player is out of form for a period.
    Also I believe that rates are personal for every team and every player of the team
    In generals,
    I 'm pleased with 6-7 for my GK, for my (good) team. If my GK has continuously 5s, then I 'll start to worry. (or accepting many goals of course).
    7 it's ok for my defenders. If any of my defenders has continuously 7s and maybe some 6 I 'll start to worry. So avg 7,__ it’s good.
    7 for my DMC it's superb. In generals if a DMC has 6-7 it's super. Avg 6,__ it’s very good.
    7 for my MCs it's also very good. My MCs usually have 6-7, sometimes 5 or 8. Avg 6,__ it’s good.
    8 for AM & ST it's good. If someone has continuously 7 it's not good. Avg 8,__ it’s good.

    Rates of the players of other teams I want to buy, isn't my main criterion.
    All those are just personal point of view.
    Many players saying that rates are quite random. I don't agree but I don't have many arguments for the opposite
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    Player performance is mainly dictated by a hidden factor. This factor is constantly changed by events. It's like the morale bar but the game don't display it to you (if it did, the game would take no skill to play and the form history would be pointless).

    Players on slump (6 or below form continously) will eventually get past it and turn normal again.
    Players on fire (8 or above form continously) also can't maintain it forever.

    Consistant training from the facility improves form but this is not fool-proof.

    It takes skill to keep good performing players on the pitch while sticking players under slump on the bench.
    The player form history help you to determine this.

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    I don't understand how my GK can have a 5 end of match rating yet make according to the stats 3-4 saves and a clean sheet

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    My team dropped almost a point on average after the update. My strikers were solid 7-8's and now are 5-6's. My mid field is scoring 5-6's too. I get enormous amounts of possibilities like 25 shots and 11 on goal and do not score. I can change strikers, I can change midfields, it doesn't do a thing. Based on stats I should be number 1 or 2 in my competition but somehow there is a chance that I am not even promoting. I know it has to be bad luck but if you are in a game with 40% more shots, have 60% possession against a far lesser team that you beat 3:0 in the first match and the opponent has an injury in the first minute and you loose 2-0, something is going wrong. I guess it is that small chance that it will happen sometimes but last season I had these crappy results also.