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Thread: Scout bought yesterday - injured in the first day, healed. Injured again.

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    Its a new 2015 feature of the program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spornybol View Post
    with a 2 day injury i don`t normally heal unless i need him same day but if need next day i only use 1 red and use green to get fitness up if needed, although i refuse too buy scout`s now as the only one i brought was a slower trainer than a dead a Donkey even at 22 yrs old, if T11 lowered the age too say 20 then i might reconsider
    20? I like it when they Will be faster And better to use as nord gens And Same as in real live i live in Holland And premier league clubs buy Every year many young talents And they are 14-15 age sometimes. So i would considers make youngsters at least 16 with very fast training speed bracket nordeus.

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    Its like the dutch saying mate........

    Can you count????? Well , Don't count on that happening.............(unfortunately , its a great idea, many have mentioned it before on this forum)

    Only reason I can see it happening , is if they introduce youngsters, for insane prizes (100 tokens or so lol)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip Willis View Post
    Its a new 2015 feature of the program.
    Not really. I had the same thing happen with a team last year, and it was the only Scout that team ever had!!

    Sometimes you get a lemon. It's rotten when it's such an expensive lemon..

    At least he'll be a useful sub? (trying to look on the bright side)
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