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Thread: In PROTEST of T11 2015: Calling for A Ghost Forum

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    In PROTEST of T11 2015: Calling for A Ghost Forum

    Just like the BBTOTM movement - rather than rave and rant and make suggestions which will only be binned - Calling all experienced Managers to cease ANY forum contributions and comments. Just keep bumping up this thread to make your voice heard.

    I for one am off this forum for all of next season!

    Sayonara! Peace!

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    Here`s the problem, unlike T11 us Experienced manager`s TRY and help new member`s and when WE SPEAK about SH..... updates, T11 ignore, now i have noticed that these Manager`s that post 4/5 times so far have been getting behind us and saying BOLLOCK`S to new update, these are the one`s we need too.
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    Yes we most definately need experienced managers to give their feedback and suggestions about the new update, they need to know what their customers think! Without considered feedback, how will it ever get better? They'll just assume it's all o.k. if there are no complaints to tell them otherwise.

    Also "bumps" aren't really allowed on here.
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    rdsouza, you won't get anything to this because only a small number of Top Eleven players are using the forum. You won't get anything for fighting against the 'system'.

    I'm sorry but I have to close your thread, if you have complains please use the right topics or contact the support at, thank you!
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