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Thread: Youth team player? Is he worth signing?

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    I sign Non token youth and train even if takes a season + to get 1 skill away from next star, then i wait for neg bids and the best i`v had is 20 tokens ( max to receive ) for a GK ?? INSTANT HELL YES but with this auto assign Nordeus have screwed up with not only player`s earning tokens via Neg list but also EARNING TOKENS THEMSELF`S

    sso hell NO TOO AUTO ASSIGN
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    always sign the free player, they generally perform well but slow train. you can play or sell them.
    the player that costs 12-24 tokens again perform well and normally fast trainers.... but should you buy them? depends on your transfer market, can you buy a better 18/19 yr old player for less tokens? if so dont buy them
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    In levels where money is a big issue, the token youth worth a shot.
    He cost no money, in fact you can usually get more money from those token for signing him and sell him instead of getting bank investment. But usually it is better to let him play in your team even if the rest of your team is 5* or above. Form is usually stable it is better let him stay in most cases. He will gain a lot of market value even if you don't powertrain him, so if you have space you'd better off keeping him and sell him at age 20~26.

    He is also a fast trainer that involve no risk to get other than scouts. In bid war you can lose a lot of tokens for nothing, and players on the nego list are rarely fast trainers.

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