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Thread: Changing formation?

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    Changing formation?


    i have one ? allmost every game i change my team formation..i dont have some favourite.
    I change it from oppounant to oppounant, does this effect my team? or iz doesnt matter?

    iam level 20 and i have 15first positions, 2 second positions and 1 thired in fourth posotion.
    Last season i finished in 7th place. I didnt change my team , i only bought 2 plyrs from scout. but all my plyers are plying very bad their average score is 6... but in previus seasons was 7-8 average score ?!

    what happend? why is my team colapsing?


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    I had this experience before and noted that more we change worse it gets, so what I do is put a defensive player when it needs or an attacking as well, also when introduced new players do it slowly about 2 at time, I'm not a great champion yet but can say because of my own mistakes one of them is changing formation every game.

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    The frequency of changing formation has no effect on team performance.
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    I like to have two or three formations, one defensive, one balanced, and one offensive. Changing formations is ok so long as your players do well in their spots, some dual role guys do better in one over the other.... even an ST or MC might do better on the left or right.

    But... that being said, I just think you are at a high enough level that the difference in Q is less important between a four or five star, and so it's harder. Maybe try to leave them in a balanced formation for awhile, play friendlies if you can to try to figure where they have good form.
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