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Thread: Transfer broken?

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    Transfer broken?

    Hey all playing top 11 on ipad,

    this morning bid on a player, only me and 1 other person go for him, im top after initial round, other person doesnt bid again so i win. but i dont get that pop up you usually get after winning the player, go back into transfers and the player is at the top (as i favourited him before bidding) and next to him it says WON in green, but still no player in my squad.

    I close the game and load it up again, hes still at the top but now rather than WON it says WAITING in green and asks me to use another token if i want to bid but the bids are over?

    any ideas?

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    Your clock most likely doesn't match the server's time. On iProduct I do not know exact steps to synch to interne time but it's probably in settings.
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