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Thread: Boring League Structure in Top Eleven

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    Angry Boring League Structure in Top Eleven

    I'd been playing Top Eleven for almost one year. For about last 4 to 5 seasons in Top Eleven, my team had been drawn with 3 or 4 same teams from last season. By which, I feel totally bored by facing the same teams again and again for about 4 to 5 season. Can explain to me how Top Eleven create and draw the league structure as I really don't want to face the same teams (3 to 4 teams) again next season. I need new and fresh team to face in next season.

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    Its based initially on same level, same server friends and mutual friends.

    You can change things, if have such friends that reappear each season, by ditching them or by adding new ones to get fresh blood in your friends list. If you have no such friends then add some.

    A problem can be that ppl add league rivals as friends which strengthens the bond between teams and increases the likelihood that the top 7 wil repeat things. Adding same level teams from CL or Cup can freshen things up.

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    Yes even if you are friends with only one, THEY could be friends with others and thence in the same League. A friendless League can be quite challenging since it will contain teams of near(ish) Quality. But also since you have been playing awhile the pool for the draw is smaller in upper levels. so even with unfriending you may still see some teams again.
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