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Thread: Bad Starter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    For sure you have the right idea... I find that the best way to keep a player longer is to play him every day.. and give the ones you want to keep extra training when you can. If you train him as often as you can when he is young, helps too. I like my players to be in my team for at least a handful of seasons, the more the better. I've only been able to keep one player his whole career, and it took a lot of extra training. But he was the special one that generated with my team. I am also a proponent of high physical stats to have fit players that break less often so they can play two matches in a day if need be.

    I prefer mid season to avoid bidding wars, I find them too tedious & expensive.

    I'm bound to be one of those sentimental coaches. At least till my "first batch" retires. I only have 4 left. Of which 2 are 2* (coaching one to be a playmaker for sale and the other for DL/DC/DR+DefensiveWall just to see how long it'll take), the ruined AMR-to-be is 3* and the exceptional DR is 4.5* All under 23.

    I only train my MCs and the DR (because he attacks so well!) with an eye on their overall stats. The rest are position and phys-mental based.

    I like a good bidding war! Gets the blood pumping, it does! Problem is; I decide when to quit and decide not to follow orders (or rather, my finger does). I spent 40 tokens I'd been saving for a Badge in 4 days. On a DCM. And I got none. I'm still looking. XD
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