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Thread: what a waste of time!!

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    what a waste of time!!

    Downloaded this looking forward to it until I realised how **** it was!! All about making money on tokens. In the auction it should be just one round of bids not multiple plus I'm fed up of it counting down and missing out 3,2,1 and then I miss my bid and lose the player spent 36 tokens in auction today only managed to buy one player out of about 10 I was bidding on because of errors. Also when I try to get free tokens from the sponsors majority of the time they don't pay them out even though I've definitely completed the requirements. Well and truly fed up of this game. It's supposed to be for entertainment but all I get is annoyed and stressed (which is not good) as you can tell from this rant

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    1 - have you just signed up too app ??

    2 - it`s new season so there will be bidding wars for decent player`s

    3 - this is why i wait 4/5 days then get player`s for less token`s as most would have spent them by then and we not even seen who we have in league yet ??
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