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Thread: % shots efficiency

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    % shots efficiency

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    Hello to everybody

    This year I'm losing some games against opponents with less quality average than me, and their players get worse ratings than mine ones.

    So I analyzed the statistics that you can see in the spreadsheet. These are the average rivalĀ“s stats. As you can see, the only difference is that their % shot efficiency are much better than mine. That is, my opponents make me more goals with fewer shots.

    How to improve this? What does it depends on? ratings of my goalkeeper? or his quality? the quality or ratings of my defenders? Must I play with more defenders? I'm not sure how to modify this parameter.

    Thank you.

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    something wrong with your stats. how can you have better % shoot efficency than Rival 1 ? he has more goals and less shoot ?
    And possesion ? 37-38% aren't somthing a winning team have
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    Thanks for the answer.
    The stats refer to the teams that play against me and my rivals. They are not me and my rivals stats.

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    Shot efficiency is, as you know, the proportion of goals from Shots on target. Goals are what you know they are. Shots on target are attempts on goal from open play that either result in a goal or would have done if it were not for a GK save or the last defender. FKs that are 'on target', whether its a goal or not are not counted as Shots on Target and 'Goals' that would have occured were it not for the intervention of players other than the GK or last defender are not counted as shots on target - they are 'off target'. (The sports statistics company Opta have some nice statistical definitions).

    The upshot is its difficult to analyse those stats at face value without doing your own extra analysis of FKs and other events.

    Even without that difficulty there would still be further difficulty imo determining if it was defensive prowess (or negligence) or striking negligence (or prowess).

    *Runs away before I do my usual thing of confusing myself*
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