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Thread: Token donator last time cought victim!!!!

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    Token donator last time cought victim!!!!

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    I am really dissapointed from the T11!!! First of all i have to say that i am a token victim!!!Today i had the 2nd leg of my cup match.I had won the 1st game in my homme 2-0.I am 14 lvl and i were playing with one 17 lvl player(all my oponnents so far on cup are minimum 16 lvl why i have to play with 16 and 17 lvl teams all the time?)I was online on the game and i had 2 suporters.Oponnent wasnt online and had 0 suporters.I were playing like this:dc-dc-dml-dmr-dmc-mc-amc-aml-amr-st.and he weare playing dl-dr-3dc-3mc and 2st.All my players full of morale-physical condition and ofc in maximum payment in case of win!!!U know the final result???i lost 3-0 the last goal at 90min...u can see on picture the final statistics.!!! I scored 0 goals with 9 attempts on target against his 5 and he had 8 saves against at my 1...!!! So finally i have to say that this isnt the first time got happened that kind of cheats on my team but today was the moment that i said ok thats enough (Cup is the only thing that i havent win so far.My desire was to big to win it just 1 time and this kind of cheats aint allow me to manage that) I am 1 year player and i have saw and played 1.500 games coz i have 4 teams 80% of my games on match.Today i decided to write for the first time coz i am full of anger and my last word is that just lost Mourinho T11 Employers just u LOST one good Token Victim.Good luck and good cheats on other token victims!!!(Sorry for my english i am Greek)
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    He doesn't necessesarily buy Tokens, his team is so far above what he gets from the TL looks like a Scout to you.

    You are a victim of having a very nice team, your average must have been over 5* at the end of last season.
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