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Thread: Surveys

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    hey guys. every time i try to do surveys it tells me 'sorry no offers' every time. how can i i get it to get me tokens. i live in muscat oman. and are there other FREE offers?

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    Surveys seem like a con to me.

    It asks me 10 questions then either says "sorry there are no surveys" or "you have been matched to a survey". If matched to a survey a new window opens and asks another set of questions. It then says either "sorry there are no surveys" or "you have been matched to a survey" which is stupid as that was the survey. Normally it keeps saying "you have been matched to a survey" and after 10 or 15 surveys it says "sorry there are no surveys". I've spent hours filling out surveys and I now get loads of spam but I am yet to receive 1 single coin from a survey. Con...

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    it takes alot of time, and the gain is very limited, so not to copy Southampton, I am with you long the way.

    I never take thoose where you need to register or write your email. You know, that what follows is alot of spam

    Most I have tried is as you Nickspeed64 'sorry no offers' I think it depends on server and country, just a guess
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    I have only filled out a couple surveys. I usually get the sorry message and I figure I am far from the demographic they want so I gave up trying. Yes, if you give your email expect spam. Peanutlabs did pay out on the couple I qualified for.

    For the most part I watch videos on the main site (Play Top Eleven - Free Online Football Manager Game) but those do vary in availabilty by where you live, and I live in USA land of advertisement.

    The most tokens I have got in the past were through buying things I already wanted/needed that had bonus tokens with it, but those are pretty rare too.
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