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Thread: Last Minute Bids

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    Last Minute Bids

    Am I right in thinking that when you're bidding for a player, if there's a bid in the last few seconds, it adds extra time so people have chance to bid again? It's just that a couple times now I've been the current winning bidder in the final round and then the other person will make a last second bid and the auction will just end.

    Am I missing something?


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    u can bid on the last second, it wont give an extra time but it doesn't mean u win bidding on last second.

    if u make a bid and other guy bid on last second u'll go with him to the round 1.. 2..3.. etc

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    If you are in Knockout Rounds.... and you are the current leader but haven't Bid IN THE KNOCKOUT ROUND.... then a last second bid will beat you because only one manager will have bid in that round.... if you are the current leader going into a knockout round.... just go ahead and bid again if you intend to continue.... don't wait....
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