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Thread: The auction system should be rebuilt

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    The auction system should be rebuilt

    I don't mind paying a little to play a game I enjoy, however the current auction system is total BS. It cost so much tokens to get a good player and most of the time you end up losing like 15-20 tokens or overpay for a player ontop of dropping 20+ tokens on him.

    They should introduce an option where you can bid a certain amount or something.

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    agree with this. that's why they created negotiation. but i think negotiation is not so successful. i wish there is a cheap way to get players. i guess we are both unlucky to be in an active server.

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    This system is better than Dutch you want to implement linear UP is better than DOWN-one. Or procurement offer and disclosing which one was accepted...

    Yes it is problem when I get overpriced crappy player, slow progress...SELL is only medicine for that kind of player. Even scouts can be bad players, trust me, had 3-4. Sell all of them, yes was sorry for 50 tokens and cash...but saved nerves. POWER TRAINING!

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