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Thread: Only problems with friend added by facebook

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    Only problems with friend added by facebook


    I play this game for a while. A friend of mine started earlier, he is one season ahead. So i never saw him in my league or the cup.but we wantes to add each other, but couldnt find. So we add up on facebook.
    He is ow my friend, but i recognize some differences to my other "friends", which i added ingame(league opponents etc).

    What didnt work with my facebook friend:

    - neither cant see him playing or even see the date if his matches
    - cant bid on players from him

    For all my orher ingame friends, this works.
    Why is that?? How can i change?

    We tried to make a friendly and then while waiting for friendly, we canceled friendship, so that i may add him ingame over my schedule/dates(where i see all my games), but that didnt work. Couldnt add him ingame.

    And i must say, this is totally annoying. Why is that? We wanna play together and support each other, maybe trade players.
    Or is it just because he is one lv higher than me?

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    This occurs, when your friends are not on the same T11 server as you. Unfortuantly that is almost all my facebook friends.

    It is a shame as you say, because it would be nice to help your friends by watching matches and negotiating players.

    This 'issue' is not fixed yet by Nordeaus and it bothers me like you
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    Your in-game friends are already on the same server - thats why you could see them and add them in the first place.

    Friends added by facebook can be on any server but you will only see the matches of fb friends on the same server.

    IF your friend had added you as fb friend before you started the game and sent you a gift/invite you would be on the same server and wouldn't have an issue.

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    Thx for ur replies.

    He started playing the game first, but he didnt have a fb account and besides rhat, hes kinda brainless in these things, doesnt think or mention in right time, to tell me about the game.
    Anyway. This server thing explains why i even cant add him ingame if i see him, wirh the merhod mentioned above.
    So,i see this straight, even if he would wait for me one season(5th or less in league), that we still woulndt be in the same league?

    This is just bad and makes me angry, cause of course everybody always wants,to play with his friends... But here there is no hint ingame about how to add ur friends in best way. Damn nordeus.

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    If your friend had sent an invite from the game it works, unfortunately he just told you about it later. There is in fact a prompt in the friend list to invite but you wouldn't see him since he already was playing. Also when you send gifts it shows everyone and you can send to nonT11 friend a gift as invite.

    Only problems with friend added by facebook-temp1.jpg

    They are aware of how frustrating it is, and over the last couple seasons have joined some friends, but it's an ongoing thing, and is also depending on who else is your friend.

    So.. sorry but that is what it is for now.
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