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Thread: counter formation against 4-1-3N-2

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    counter formation against 4-1-3N-2

    hello guys, I'm facing a guy in a league match. He plays with this formation, 4-1DMC-3MC-2..........I'm not sure of what formation to counter him with. his team is 2 stars better than mine, I need your help guys.

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    5-2-3 double wbs

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    4-3-2-1 allways works for me....
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    My thought is this. A CDM is really only a counter for a CAM. He plays so narrow that you have room to attack on the wings.

    I would play with 3CB's, 3CM's, LW/RW, and 2 ST's on the left and right. Play down both wings, hard attacking, and if you have the talent advantage short passing, if you are the underdog go long passing with force counters. Either way you want forward arrows on the wings and ST's

    If you have a good talent advantage you can even go with only 1 CM and both LM/RM and LW/RW with all but the back 3 having forward arrows.

    Honestly it is really difficult to consistently get results by changing tactics and formations game by game. The way to win, sadly enough is by being so much more talented than your opp that you never have to change a thing except in the cup maybe.

    If you are not a token buyer you need to be on the phone app every day watching commercials to get all the free packs it will allow (which is quite a bit at least in the US). You need to be working the free token offers as much as you can. This will help you get the fast trainers and then train them up to at least all 6-7* players which is solid enough to compete for trophies every season even if you don't always win.

    I am a token buyer but not on the scale of some so I do a mixture. My starting lineups are right at 7* and I generally only buy 18-19 yr old nordgen fast trainers to A. Make it easier to train them up and B. to keep together a core of a team for a long time.
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