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Thread: losing formation

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    losing formation

    sometimes it's useful to know how to play a formation that can gurantee that you will lose the game. when playing friendy games and you don't want the extra time in order to avoid fatigue or injuries. also some managers prefer not to gain promotion so next season they can have better team and better chances to win troffies. i have played extra time in many friendly games even after i changed my formation to illegal in order to lose. sometimes i managed even to win. and i mean friendly games between equal teams. i have tried playing with all my players in wrong positions, with only side players (no dc,dmc,mc,amc), with only defenders, only attckers etc. i have success only if i start the game with the illegal formation. if i start normal even if i change things from the first minute i am not certain about the outcome. any suggestions?
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    good question, I wanna know as well
    I had try putting all players aside or all players up front still not working