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Thread: Match Fixing - Nordeus does not take action

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    Match Fixing - Nordeus does not take action

    I reported match fixing last week.

    Nordeus responded as follows:

    in Top Eleven, if 2 friends/family are in one League/CL/Cup together we can not banned one of them or take away points
    because of the match that you have reported, there are no solid proofs, and in TE you usually play with friends/family.

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    This suggests to me that they are not interested in following up suspicions of match fixing despite being provided with very clear cut evidence to suggest it has happened in my league.

    Has anyone else had such dismissive responses from Nordeus? Game companies are usually very keen to punish cheaters and protect their honest players.

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    It's the same goes for anyone that holds multi accounts in the same league/cl/cup, They throw a match to make it favourable for one of their other teams to win the competition.
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