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Thread: Yellow Cards?!?!

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    Yellow Cards?!?!

    Hi, I was just wondering something about yellow cards. Are they cleared at the beginning of the new season? Are red cards cleared at the beginning of the new season? (my player just got suspended for a second yellow on the last day of the season).
    Finally, how long does it take for a yellow to go away? Because they seem to last forever. Thanks in advance

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    As far as I know, yellow and red card will be cleared in new season. Suspension will likely also be cancelled.

    Besides, for additional information, condition and skill progress of any unsigned players will be freezed until they will be signed (generally, within 7 days).

    But I have a related question. Will injury recovery also be freezed in new season for unsigned players?

    If yes, I try to sell my loved DL/DC who just suffered 8 day injury in a friendly match with full effort. I originally planned to sign him on Day 3 but am not sure if I will use him for whole next season. At 22, he is the 2nd oldest player in my team and is a relatively lower quality one. But his versatility and consistency is something very valuable.

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    Yellow cards will go away either at the end of the season, or whenever a second yellow is collected, after which the player will have a 1 game suspension. A yellow card against a player's name will stay there until either of the above happens. If a player gets a yellow in the first game of the season, it could remain there until the end of the season, if he doesn't get another.

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