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Thread: fast trainer

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    fast trainer

    hi how do you recognise a fast trainer when you are bidding in the transfer market? problem is i bought a player player for free and he gets 2 skill pionts most matches hes 19, then i bought a player for 6 mill his value was 5.9 million but he only sometimes gets 1 skill point thanks in advance

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    the player has more value will be trained more.
    it is not matter you take him free or not
    and if player is being man of match he is getting an extra +1 training
    that may belie you

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    the highest the value .. the better fast trainer he is
    keep in mind it is relatively to his skills AVG
    i bought a CB 18 yo 4* (29 avg) for 3.5m and bought another one 18yo 4* (avg 25) for 3m , i power trained both but stopped the first after he started to get slow gains once hit (32 in avg).. and the 2nd one is now 5* and is still gaining 1.5-2 times more than the first one .. and his value now is 4.5m better than the first one
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