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Thread: Training players - when is it best

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    Training players - when is it best

    When is the best time to train players? Does training players near to a game (say within 30 mins) have a adverse affect on performance even if their overall condition is still high?

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    Yes it have, they will play worst because they will have bad condition.

    If you really want to train your players do it after your game and before game keep them in a very good condition. (80-90% + ).
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    Do the math when you train so that your players are as close to 99% as possible at match time.

    Train your subs/reserves after the game. Take them down to around 80%.

    Every 3 hours your players go up 5%, so come back in 12 hours and calculate how much time it is to the next game and train them down to a percentage that will allow them to go back up to 99%.

    Repeat every day.