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Thread: Get young players retrain positions keep them

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    Get young players retrain positions keep them

    I have only started playing this game. It seems to me the simplest tactic is too get players young and retrain them to play a number of positions. Then try and keep them for as long as possible as you go up the levels. At the very least they could be utility payers.

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    That's good plan...only on paper. It would require too much red and green packs so that tactic isn't cost-effective. Besides that, for 12-15T you can sign young 3* player from academy, but for less tokens you can buy yound 5* player on auction which already has great quallity advantage over that 3*
    Read existing threads on forum about young players, their growth and investment. Also keep in mind that bad form makes any player useless no matter how high quallity he has.
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    Training for extra positions is a very poor strategy.
    If you want multi positional players, get them off the market. There is usually plenty of older players to choose from that can play 2 or 3 positions.

    I'm at level 12, and have one guy from level 5 and another from level 4, i never trained them for an ability (they both came with one), or a position. Since they were long term starters and their position was fixed, it would have never occurred to me to do such a thing.

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    I don't like developing players for multiple positions or SA because these are not reflected in their market value. But I don't know if keeping players in lower star with this way can maintain their fast training status.
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    at lower level`s it`s not worth it as if you add new position there market value does not increase compared too skill when added to ability when at higher when player`s are mainly same value even after added skill too ability they stay roughly same so this is best time to add new position and even better when you know you plan on selling player for the bidding war
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