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Thread: Time for Thomas

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    Time for Thomas

    Yes, sadly it is time to bring Thomas the Tank Engine out of retirement. Sadly after a season of high expectation it all went pear shaped after 3 bad results (thanks Nordeus) and now no real chance of CL qualification. I need CL qualification to get money and at least break even next season. 7th is not good enough as promotion will mean improving the squad and as not enough tokens to do that then a couple more seasons of anguish.
    Henry the green engine is happy with 500 and James the red engine is OK with 250, but poor Edward the blue engine just lives from day to day, hoping for a little lift.
    My only problem is that 4 out of my last 5 games are against abandoned/tanking teams and it will be very hard to lose against them.
    Level 34 forgot to mention.

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    Hehehehe... love your analogy

    Switch your ST and GK, that usually works for me when I want to tank. It means less morale loss for the others.. But if they are really bad teams it might be tough. And DON'T finish in 8th, cos' 9th or 10th safer from unwanted promotion.
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    The diehard way to lose game:

    - Play friendly to tire your players before competitive match.
    - Name the worst performing guy (from recent form) who don't have the highest quality in team as captain.
    - Change your tactic to hard attacking with forced counterattack.
    - Shuffle your lineup so that everyone is out of position. You can save orders so that this is done and revert back with a click of a button.

    Sit back and enjoy
    You can lose like 0:10 even against a subpar team.

    The morale penalty will be a disaster, though.
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    Thanks Amane, I played 3 friendlies and tired my players out, gained money and blue boosters as a bonus. Lost against a really bad team 4-1 in the league. One more defeat and mission accomplished, then I can get my good players playing together in preparation for next season. Here's hoping I get a better league draw and can push for a top 4 finish. As an added bonus, managed to sell an academy player for 104M to boost my bank balance.
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