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Thread: Mindless bidding for a free agent? :D

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    Cool Mindless bidding for a free agent? :D

    Hey guys!

    Check diz out!

    Level 4 FA:
    I was the tanker for this player when i got 2 alpha males

    I quitted early

    sorry for hungarian languge "szabadúszó" means free agent, also im not proud of my fellow manager whos won

    Mindless bidding for a free agent? :D-balfaszok1.jpg

    For stubborn it is a weak try, i dont see the point here besides the alpha thing

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    This is how to do it Mindless bidding for a free agent? :D-cheap.jpg
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    For "pride and dignity" but yeah it's mostly the alpha syndrome.

    Unless you can get them for a few (or less) FA not worth that, I'd never go that far even for a super training 18 y.o. but then... I'm female!
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    I would normally agree with Cat.

    The lone exception did come on a fast trainer and even then only because he was not only the most valuable player of the seasons market but also a GK with 1v1 SA......

    I hadn't had the same keeper for two season until him and had never seen a keeper anywhere near a lvl max value on the market. In this case 11.9M for lvl 5.

    He has been rock solid and at 18 I shouldn't need to replace him for a long time.

    My plan has always been to get a full squad of fast trainers who pan out form wise and keep them for about 10 seasons.

    This is season 4 of the project and it was starting to look like I might not be able to afford to swallow the cost since even at 21 and 22 they are slowing rather fast......

    However right on time I've started farming green packs at a great pace. If this doesnt get shut down I will be very happy indeed
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    Early in the game i'd give a little extra for an expensive 18-19yr old since I can possibly turn around and sell for the cash, since I found cash was a little difficult to come around early in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    but then... I'm female!
    Ok here is my sweet story for your "i'm a female" sentence

    In my level there is an Uruguayan woman simply call her "Monica" She is hard bidding (mostly FA hunter) SOB who every time if you want something hard well she wants harder, believe or not

    I knew her attitude that she can't let it away when she is really be there (sometimes you forget or get an IRL thing) and i aimed stubborn achievement and i found a truly expensive and worthy like FA for this (there is no way i would bidding to a "normal" player). Tanked first later she arriwed... You know the rest. I have it. I swear i did for just achi! I wrote her a nice "ty" message in FB later (no respond )

    but who knows maybe her husband playing in her name
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    On my server it was an Indonesian who was the FA specialist - tokens were not an issue. But thankfully he tanked. He is prepared to waste tokens to try to ensure he's given a clear run in future

    The most aggressive bidder is a Russian manager with a female picture. Whatever you bid they'll bid +1. Thankfully they're more active in Days 1 & 2 to satisfy the NordGem hunger.

    Testosterone is a powerful stimulant >.<
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