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Thread: Visual Quality

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    Visual Quality

    I'm just wondering out of curiousity.

    We read many posts from managers about how many "stars" their players / opponents have, but I really wonder if this really makes a lot of difference. Obviously vast POINTS quality does make a difference, but STARS?

    I will give an example as to what I mean.

    You have 2 players, equal in every way (age, training ability, value, etc). Now, they are both 59 points and 5 stars. Both are just 1 SP from gaining next star. One of them gets the SP neccessary to become a 6* scout. Logically, he is just 1 SP ahead of his team mate, but now they are different star rating. Does this mean he is suddenly a superior player than his friend.

    Just hypothectically.

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    This is an interesting post actually, The players are only separated by 1 skill point, lowest end of 6* and the highest end of 5*, basically for category purposes and for who can see these players for transfers when placed in auctions, but the real difference is only 1 skill point so visually and comparison the difference between these 2 players will be illegible. For transfer purposes the 5* 1 skill point away will be more attractive to managers bidding on the player in auctions while the 6* player will most likely just get 1 bid from a manager above.
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    as i said before the quality "means nothing", a player with less quality can be better if u know how to upgrade the stats etc
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    i have another QS.. if i have a GK let us call him "A" who has average quality of 40 in all 3 skill categories .. and i have another GK "B" who have 55 in defending/handling but 30 in both other 2 categories, with total average quality of 38

    so who should i used during the matches ? A or B?
    who should i use in penalty shoot out ?A or B?
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