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Thread: new lv3l best formation help

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    new lv3l best formation help

    i'm going 2 lvl3 im looking 2 change my formation. i need help. i read ppl say that Aml-amc-amr is waist of time Ml-Mr is better why ? help me find new good formation

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    You need a balanced formation whatever you choose. Try to cover as many positions on the field as possible. In my humble opinion, I always buy MR/AMR & ML/AML so one player can cover both wing positons when necessary.

    Also if buying a DMC, try to get one that is also a DC, & buy defenders that cover both central & wide defending roles.

    Select 4 or 5 formations, say 4-4-2, 4-5-1V, narrow diamond, 4-1-3W-2, 4-1-4-1 & have players in your squad that can fill positions in all those formations. With those formations you should be able to counter most opponents formations.

    And remember, if your opponent plays an AMC, you should play a DMC to stop him.

    If your opponent plays 2 Strikers, you should play 4 defenders. And if he plays only 1 Striker you can get away with only 3 central defenders.

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