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Thread: Are People Overpaying???

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    Are People Overpaying???

    Just seen several players for 3x their value in the transfer market. Is this people spending their pre-season cash infusion? Seems like irrational behaviour.

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    Hahaha, yes! YES they are overpaying, except for: they *really* want those players RIGHT NOW and so do like thousands of other managers.

    (I do not buy players first week of the Season from the Transfer Market because I refuse to get into bidding wars)
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    If you pick your players wisely, you'll make excellent purchases in the last week of the season, for a token or two.

    Sure, players will lose a star when the next season begins, but if they are close to their next star and are young, they'll catch up quickly enough and they could be on your team for a while.

    If you want to buy players in the early season, I recommend focusing only on bench and backup players. Guys who have what it takes to start games spark bidding wars.
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    I got 7 players and spent under 50 tokens. All 5 star some 84s and some super fast trainers. The key is identifying the competition and learning which players you can get easily.