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Thread: Low Condition - Games - Injuries - Probably answered before

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    Low Condition - Games - Injuries - Probably answered before

    Good morning, good afternoon and good evening... depending on where abouts you are!

    This may have answered loads of times before but Google wasn't finding the correct answer for me.

    What's the minimum condition you guys n gals would recommend playing with... ?

    How much does condition have on performance... ?

    And I just read that some people hard train with almost no condition... how is this so and done with games being played and still winning!


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    I 'm playing always at (dark) green condition, trying to have (synchronize) at least 90%
    & green (very good/perfect) morale.
    Performance is somehow irrelative to condition ( it happened to won, with good rates, a second game after 3 hours from my first game, when I didn't have the chance to log in).
    Of course with low condition it's more possible to have an injury and you cannot play some formation/tactics (for example whole pitch pressure exhausting the condition of your players).
    But even with perfect condition & morale, you can't avoid injuries. This is a part of the game, which as I can see, have a percent (don't know 50% ?) which is random.
    About training, as I can see with "no time limit" training last period, condition also is irrelative (or meaningless) with gaining ability and injuries possibility
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    I usually play with around 90% or higher condition, but if I run out of green packets, then limit is 80%.

    I don't think that condition is related with performance (form). Even if it is, then it has small influence.
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    I set high standard on this. In general, all starters are 98% or 99%. If I have time to set a starting up for a match, I think I never allow a starter with condition lower than 91% or 92% to start.

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    Condition has to effect the player performance. When you are logging on to the game sometimes reads "did you know that in football the condition of a player is as important as morale of a player". Or something on those lines.

    As a result of that I try to keep condition of the players at gametime at a minimum of 80 if I cannot hit the max condition. Less then 80 condition and they are benched.

    I also train my reserves until they hit 25/30 condition (barring injuries to the main squad)

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    Condition will I think have an impact on performance but I don't know. If it does have an effect it will be a small effect because everything has a small effect, its the big cummulative effect from many factors we are aiming for.

    Condition does have an impact on training. I don't think it has an effect on training performance ie training rate (well, I couldn't find any) but it could. The way condition affects training is if you don't have enough condition to satisfy the expected condition used then you won't get the full gain.

    I always aim to have my T11 for a match at between 95-99% (not always possible). I never want my players that gain from training to have more than 94% before the final rest prior to any match. (If they benefit from training I don't like to waste 1% )

    NB Just because you think that an effect is small do not ignore it. Success is often found in the aggregation of small gains.
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    i start my games over 95% condition every game and I still get tons of injuries. I average 16 injuries a season in my 5 accounts and this is with morale minimum good and condition minimum excellent.