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Thread: Opposing Manager attendance:

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    Opposing Manager attendance:

    What's the ratio other managers have seen, regarding the opposition manager showing up? I don't think it makes that much of a difference, unless the opposing manager is one who changes tactics during the middle of the match. I'm just curious about the numbers...

    14 games into the season, I've seen the opposition manager twice, my first two cup matches! The ratio has been higher during previous seasons. For the record, i'm in level 13. There only looks to be 1 abandoned team, but the other managers don't usually attend their matches.

    Is there any level range, where you see the opposing manager in 1/3rd of matches, 1/2 of matches, majority of road league games, etc...?
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    I face more opposite managers attending matches in last few seasons. Their attending rate are 7/15 and 4/11 for my level 15 & 23 team respectively.

    Teams with managers attending are tougher to handle. At least this proved the manager have arranged fit players to start in the match.

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    I've had 7 Managers attend from 15 matches.

    For me there is the 'Away' effect too - 2 managers have attended their home ties in the Cup/CL but not away - not looked at that for league, cba.

    Depends on the luck of the draw too - would've been higher last Season for me with more 'friends' in the league.

    EDIT: Oops, forgot to say Level 16
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    2/11 - level 6, i would say in all my leagues so far there are only 2-4 daily active players and 4-6 infrequent players with at least 4 inactives. I haven't been attending much this season other than important games that i need the possession bonus. 2 seasons ago, i had managers attending on both sides in every cup and cl top 16 match.