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Thread: How are the leagues made up?

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    How are the leagues made up?

    Just wondering if there has been a change to how the leagues are made up?
    Am currently lvl 15 and this season my league consists of 10 league winners (last season) 3 league/cl doubles and a number of 1st/2nd or 2nd/1st almost doubles.
    Have never seen a league like this before, my team is all 5 star with 5 scout players and i have one of the poorer ratings of all the teams in league.
    Is defo nothing to do with friends as i don't do friends on my own lvl.

    Are they now making up leagues with all teams closely matched? Is this how it will be from now on??
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    I have that suspicion too, for this season. I have two "friends", about 1 star less, but they weren't in my league
    Except two low q teams, all the other have at least 5* teams.
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    Looks like it. Think of it from a Nordeus perspective: put good teams together and a few will go overboard, spending loads and loads of tokens to win. Economics at work.
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    Economics at work. I am in level 9 and I have noticed the teams in my league are almost equally matched. While it makes the game more competitive, I feel you don't have to spend any money above your usual amounts per season. Spending more will not significantly change your situation, if the other players too are spending, will it? The only one to gain and smile to the bank, will be .Nordeus.

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    Same happened to me 6 seasons ago strong league where I was middle ranked and the following season they were all mostly crap.

    This Season I have 2 other decent teams in the league, one higher ranked, the rest are crap. My CL is far more competitive than normal. Swings n Roundabouts I think but a change can never be ruled out.
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    My 2 level 34 teams. Team 1 is my main team that I spend hours on developing and trying to get the best out of and has been put into a very competitive league.
    How are the leagues made up?-6starstags.jpg
    How are the leagues made up?-stags6table.jpg
    My other team I do not bother with and just collect my daily gifts, but I have low cash balance and not enough tokens yet to improve so I just let it run and it has a better chance off getting to level 35 because off the abandoned teams in the league.
    How are the leagues made up?-east-contracts.jpg
    How are the leagues made up?-east-ratings.jpg
    How are the leagues made up?-east-table.jpg
    Make of this what you think.
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