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you dont have to rebuild a large part of a team every season if you tank. I might replace 3-4 players at best during a tanking season since most of my players will end up scouts by the end of the tanking season. The players I do replace are the slower trainers that cant make it back up to 5* by the start of the non-tanking season.
Yes. The scenarios I mentioned in previous posts usually based on the assumption that teams promote. To avoid confusion, I have already repeated to mention it.

If Bram Houtappel you plan to tank, your players will not lose a star at season beginning. So you can much easier to maintain players 5 star. I have no experience on this and you may study Sully's advice. I just imagine that in case my team will tank I will buy young players by the end of tanking season because there is less competition in auction market and I have time to train them.