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Thread: Rest time extended?

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    Rest time extended?

    I woke up this morning, today is a big day. I have title deciding match tonight. This could be my first championship title in Top Eleven... but wait. Something had to be wrong.
    Rest time for my players has extended to 25 hours! Why?
    Similar thing happened in my first season, I had a 4th place deciding match and when I woke up all my players were tired, some of them injured. Later Nordeus sent some rests and health packs as consolation, but that didn't mean a thing 'cause I lost and that cost me Champions League spot in the next season.

    Here's a screenshot
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    there is a bug. contact nordeus to fix it
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    Refresh your game and this will fix it, It happened to me a few times, It's like the game fails to recognize a day.
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