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Thread: Please will someone help me!

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    Angry Please will someone help me!

    Please will someone help me.
    I am having problems with redeeming tokens from Supersonicads. I accidentally posted the incorrect screenshot with a support ticket, and received an email telling me this was the case, and my tokens would not be rewarded, but, if i wanted i could make a new ticket and send different screenshots to try again. HOWEVER this is NOT possible because the option to post another ticket is unavailable, via the support page. So i tried to respond to three different supersonicads emails, all were No-reply emails and failed to deliver my message. Finally i went to their home page and filled out their customer support page with details and my email address... STILL i have heard nothing. I can not get in contact with this company, or get them to contact me to resolve this issue and i am getting increasingly agitated and frustrated with this problem. I have the correct evidence needed to redeem my 12 tokens for the game Star Conflict Ticket #2322216, now if i can just get in contact with the company to resolve it.

    Please can someone here help me?
    Jeff D

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    this is top eleven forum not Star Conflict ??

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    Its only 12 Tokens, I'd just let it go and chalk it up to experience.

    Chasing up the offers takes ages, so its not really worth it for such a small amount.

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    I don't get it, you must reedem 12 tokens for Star Conflict? Then we can't help you at all. If you need help for Top Eleven write an email at who knows, maybe they can help you.

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