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Thread: Why different market value?

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    Quote Originally Posted by talisman View Post
    You can sell a 114Q player in negotiations for $ and T - you won't get any T for the sale of a 115Q player, and who buys players with a 0 or 5 at the end of their Q rating?
    If I am in a tanking season, I care not what number the player Q ends in as long as I get him. I wont buy a player I dont need, and if he is 110 or 115, it makes little difference as I am just building him up in a tanking year anyways and I can get him cheap as everyone else waits for a 4 or 9.

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    Just saying few basic things because negotiations or tanking are for later.
    if you 're lv1 manager
    -A player with q19 is a 4* for you but 3* for a lv2 manager
    - if you promote to the next lv, your players will still have the same quality but they will loose 1 star
    - if you wont promote, then your players will have the same stars
    - every manager can buy only 3* - 4* - 5* players
    - you can buy 6* player only from scout/list (with a lot of tokens), but a 5* player with q24 is near (only 15 skill points) to the 6th star, so he is very attractive for other managers of your level.
    - if you give to that player, those 15 sp and become a 6* player (q25) , managers from your level cannot buy him - only managers from lv2, but for them he 'll be a 5* player who needs many sp (75) for his 6th star (q30). So, with the same 1 token () they can buy a 5* player who has q34, so your player is the less attractive in the market.
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