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Thread: Players seem to last about 3 seasons

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    Players seem to last about 3 seasons

    I am only at the end of my 4th season but already noticing that if you keep getting promoted, no matter how good your 5* players that after a couple of seasons, even with training.. they soon lose their skills and you have end up selling them.

    Basically, I don't see the point in paying top $$$/£££ for 18/19/20 yo when in 4 seasons time I will probably have to sell them anyway.

    I have got myself prepared for next season already, sold off my 2/3* players... and for a grand total of 9 tokens bought 3 5* players 2 of which i trained up already to scout players. I know they will drop to 5* next season but.. 5* they are and with my winnings from this season should be able to buy some great players at the beginning of next.

    Slowly my squads age has increased (now 26) but as the self life of a player doesn't seem to be more than 3/4 seasons tops buying cheaper 28/29 yo 5* players seems to be the sensible thing to do?

    Also seems to me, experienced/old school players are better straight away?

    Just wondering if this is what other people are finding ?

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    You'll find that quite a few players don't bother getting promotion every 3 or 4 seasons and consolidate their squad, it's called 'tanking' on the forum.
    That way good young players can 'catch up' their skill level slightly, as the game is cleverly designed so your team is always just falling behind and the only way out is to spend real cash.

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    you are correct. the only downside with having older players is they are often harder to move on. especially those at the lower end of a star, ie those ending in 0 or 1, or 5 or 6. younger players are more desirable in the transfer market and make it easier to reinvest the maximum money into your squad.

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    I find that I use players in a 3 year cycle, on a delay with eleven players in season 1 phase and the rest in season 2 phase at any one point.

    Season 1 - Buy players that are one or two points away from being scout players on the first couple of days of the season.
    Season 2 - I bring in eleven or so new players in that are one or two points away from being scout players. They become my main players, whilst the players from season 1 become my back up players. Towards the end of season 2 the season one players are being sold to make space for the players coming in in season 3.
    Season 3 - The last of the players I have from season 1 are sold, with new players that are one or two points to six star being brought in. The players from season 2 become my reserve players, who are looked to be sold towards the end of season 3.

    The cycle is never ending as I keep promoting.

    Only very rarely do I renew a player contract - as if he hasn't sold by the time his 3 years is up I release him to bring new blood in for free as the player has become obsolete to my needs.

    I know some people keep the same players for years on end, but I feel it takes a lot of training to keep the players at the required standard and personally I just prefer to get rid and bring new in.
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    Its a relatively simple mechanic. There are 28 days in a season so a player who can't gain just over 2.5 sp a day won't maintain his star rating.

    A young fast trainer will increase his relative star rating until he's 22 (as long as you don't waste condition) then the decline starts. However its a slow decline initially.

    I've been planning to replace a dl/dc for each of the last 3 seasons now but he keeps hanging in there and will start his 9th season as barely 5* (100Q) - but as long as he performs I'll keep him...........unless ofc I make the mistake of allowing 'star blindness' to affect my decision-making

    With older players just don't buy them too close to their next star - you don't want to be trying to sell them if they're going to be 6* before the season end.

    Longevity or rapid churn or a mix - its up to you to find what way suits you. The only hard n fast rule for me is don't waste your time with crap players whatever age they are.
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