I have the bare minimum 14 players left on my side after getting rid of anyone I wasn't 100% sure I wanted next season and buying the worst FA's I could to lower my Cup draw.

Anyway after all that I realized that 3/4 weak players I have are listed as retiring at seasons end. I am very concerned now that the market is closed.

Does this mean instead of averaging the 14 for the draw it will only use the 11 remaining? In which case I will be screwed with 8 low 6*, 2 low 7* players and one low 3*......

Or will the game automatically fill those 3 spots with scrubs in order to get me to 14 and then use that for the draw? If this is the case will it be lvl 1 scrubs or lvl 2 scrubs since I am jumping up? Obviously that would make a 1* difference in each new player which could hurt a bit, but not as bad as if it just goes on the 11 who don't retire.

This isn't my first team, I just restarted my team with a persona rather than my real name in order to try to incorporate the lessons learned from my 1st run of 5 seasons but from day 1.......It's been a success, I was able to jump into my new team the split second the new season kicked over and then snatch up all the best Nordgen fast trainers. I didn't lose a match in either competition with only 3 draws all in league play. Won both trophies like last time but with much less drama and a much better setup for season 2 than before.

Most regular posters will remember my Olympique Rouen team. I have the same team name and badge this time around . I have kept much better stats this time which was a major irritant the 1st time around having lost most of the first two seasons of data the first time......I am not sure if I will have the time to do the spotlight because I started work writing for a sports site and am much more busy.