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Thread: A player has been injured 3 times already this season

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    A player has been injured 3 times already this season

    first time 3 days, second 6 days (paid top amount of reds for full recovery) and today I come back from a days work to see he is out again after only 2 games back, he had full condition and 6 days again!!!

    I've got decent cover for him but he was one of my outstanding players in the first 4 games so little annoying!

    Does anyone else have an injury prone player?

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    I have same situation few time... And now when my player being out(injured) second time in few days for 5 or more days i automaticly sell him and buy another one..

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    Does anyone else have an injury prone player?
    I don't think that's the problem. It just because if you heal a player who has a 5 days injury, then it's very possible to have an injury in the next 1-2 days (bad health/physical situation is just hidden).
    That's not a rule but something common. You can get away without your player get injured again for the next of the season.
    Why is that ? Pure luck

    * the only thing I 'm doing is that after healing my player, leave him out of games (and training too) for an extra day - but it's not working every time
    ** and another annoying thing is that your good player, after injured-healing-injured-healing ...maybe starts playing bad
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    my starting GK just broke his leg 17 days out... luckly my back up isn't too shabby and has the nice GK talent thing.