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Thread: Condition for matches

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    Condition for matches

    Ok.. basically I only have a 3 hour window between my matches and on average my starters are going to be on 60/65% condition.

    Big league match, but, I am at home... Do I risk the players with such low condition.

    I guess the thing is... I can't take all of the players out and some are certainly going to be playing less.

    What is likely to suffer? the performance, chance of injury, or nothing?


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    they will be more likely to injure and some are likely to experience poor ratings.
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    In that situation I decide which match is the most important (usually the Cup/CL knockout/top of table League match) and put in/reserve the best players for that match. The other match gets the 'lesser' players and some of the other players from the important match. I can then use only a few condition packs to get the ones that need to play in both matches up to scratch for the second match. YMMV
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