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Thread: having manyl accounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killroy View Post
    I just wonder about this game I had. I scheduled a friendly match against a lower level friend of mine to boost morale a bit and get some money/packs. The game starts within 3 minutes and he has 10!!!! friends watching the game. Within 3 minutes? Do they get notifications? How can 10 friends be on in 3 minutes without him being there? Never saw anything like that. Well, except for 1 other game where I was the home team and watching and it was a semi final of the CL and this guy had 15 people watching so he got the 15% ball possession.
    some people have a lot of friends. yes it pops up when a friend is playing, there are a couple guys on my server that I support that usually have like ten or more supporters...
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    Jeez, and I thought friends logging in caused you to lose goals >.<

    Its not cheating because there's no rule being broken. Its not nice but.......

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    Friend Support does not work on possesion.
    I know watched game with many supporters ball possesion rises only slightly.
    1-2% per 5-10 game minutes.

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